Group Dog Walks



When dogs are well behaved around other dogs they can participate in group dog walking outings in south Etobicoke. Dog Walking Adventures would be a more suitable expression of these times as dogs are kept engaged in activities by the dog walker MIMICO DOG WALKING is conscientious and we feel it is imperative that the dogs get a good work-out. We always provide the dog owners with plenty of pictures and videos showing how much fun the dogs had on the dog walking adventure!!


As the Lead Dog Walker, Dan ensures that high energy expenditure dog walks are the norm regardless of which human is doing the dog walking. Dog Walker Dan's background as a successful long distance runner combined with his aptitude as a professional dog walker (capable of managing six dogs per outing) ensures that a dynamic dog walk is the rule, not the exception. Fitness matters. This fitness regimen is maintained throughout the outings (unless otherwise requested by the dog owner).

Higher standards = higher results.  

Each MIMICO DOG WALKING dog walker understands and respects that the outing is the time to serve your dog. The dog walk is not a time for coffee and cigarette breaks - or for literally sitting down! We're dog walkers - not dog sitters, although we do offer dog boarding services :). Part of our dog walking philosophy is that your dog doesn't smoke and neither do our dog walkers.