Puppy Visits

Dog Training And Education


GROUP Dog Walks (On-leash and Off-leash)

This group dog walking service is for dogs that are socially trained to behave well in the presence of other dogs.  Ideally dogs will be disciplined enough to respond to basic commands while off-leash.  Each of the outings can include a short on-leash group run, playing and socializing with the other dogs, walking on trails and park land and, dependent upon which park is utilized, swimming in Lake Ontario.  Each dog in the group has their own needs.  At MIMICO DOG WALKING each dog walker will be wary, attentive and respectful to these idiosyncrasies. Learn more about Group Dog Walking Adventures by MIMICO Dog Walking Services.

One-on-one time for each private dog walk can be spent walking, having fun playing and/or be a time to focus on corrective behavior: e.g. helping the dog improve on-leash walking etiquette, enhance social interactions with other dogs, and other care tactics to help prepare them for a higher quality of life.

MIMICO DOG WALKING shares dog training philosophy and tips during each private dog walk yet is first and foremost cognizant of exercising the dog owner's vision of dog training desired for their precious pooch. Learn more about Private Dog Walking Outings by MIMICO Dog Walking Services.

One-on-one time with the puppy is a great time for puppies to have fun playing while learning.  MIMICO DOG WALKING shares puppy training philosophies and tips whilst ensuring we implement the pet owner's preferred vision of training. Learn more about the Puppy Visit Service by MIMICO Dog Walking.

One-on-one time with your dog should be fun, educational, include play time and focus on corrective behaviour as required.

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