Miniature pinschers doing double duty as duck decoys!!

Brantley was shocked to encounter his long lost cousin!! 

Kisses for Charlie. 

What are you looking at???

Our dogs are so real it's like they're jumping right out of the screen!

Run for your life Charlie!! 

Chad loves hearing a great joke!!

Celtic dance rehearsals are sometimes a part of our dog park outings!

Chelsea runs like someone left the gate open!

Jules cooling off at Humber Bay Park West

Brantley and friends preparing to watch the Frenchie film fesitval

Charlie likes to drive! 

The dogs travel to the park in a spacious SUV

Chad LOVES playing in the snow!

Did we mention that Chad LOVES the snow? :)

Aren't our blue eyes cool? 

Honest fellas!  I swear I didn't do it!!

Don't even think about making a run for it!!

Kobe loves to photo-bomb pictures!!

Welcome to Mimico Dog Walking Pictures page, where we bring you a photo gallery that represents the tip of the iceberg in terms of photos we share with pet owners throughout the four seasons in Toronto Canada. Keeping the dogs actively engaged while on dog outings can provide for memorable moments, many of which we capture with images and videos.

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