MBA- Business Profile - Dog Walker Dan

Everybody please meet Mimico’s own resident Dog Walker, Dog Walker Dan. I had the great pleasure to meet and interview Dan during one of his dog walking outings at his usual place of business, Mimico’s beautiful Humber Bay Park West.

First impressions of Dog Walker Dan? This is a guy who really loves his job. And it shows! I met him in his usual spot for his clients’ dogs, the Humber Bay West Off-Leash Dog Park in Mimico. The minute I met Dan, he immediately starting talking about the dogs that he had there today. He would explain which dogs had what personality and what they liked. He explained who he had to watch out for and in what situation. All the while as he is talking about the dogs and his business, he is watching over the dogs and saying quick demands to keep the dogs safe. It was amazing to see the control he had with them and it was heartwarming to see how much fun all the dogs were having. They were running around playing with each other and running in and out of Lake Ontario. One thing was for sure, the dogs were going to sleep well tonight!

What separates Dan from other Dog Walkers? Dan is a dog owner and a dog LOVER. He rescued two Miniature Pinchers. After having a couple of bad personal experiences with dog walkers, he decided that he could do a much better job and started his own Dog Walking business. His biggest complaint was that he noticed other dog walkers were not ensuring that the dogs were getting enough exercise. Dan prides himself on his fitness level and his ability to ensure all his dogs get tons of exercise and enjoy their outing. He mostly goes to the Off-Leash Park to let them run around and also takes them to the lake to jump in and swim around. He actually runs with some of his private clients’ dogs!

He also loves taking photos during his walks of the dogs and sharing them with his owners instantly, so they can view from work how much fun their dog is having!

If you want some more details about Dan or want to sign up your dog, please check out his website or just call him!


BTW: Dan’s favourite Businesses in Mimico? Pearl Sushi and International Hair Salon.

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