The MIMICO DOG WALKING adventures are playtime for the dogs.  Owing to the fitness requirements set for each of the Dog Walkers, dog walk can include a brisk paced walk, lots of ball chasing and socializing at the off-leash parks, swimming (with dog owner's permission and dependent upon which park is attended) and even some on-leash running.

Dog Walks can include swimming in Lake Ontario

 A Step Ahead Of The Pack!!

Serving dogs and dog owners in South Etobicoke, Mimico Dog Walking is based in the Mimico By The Lake community. We maintain a web presence for Humber Bay Shores Dog Walking, New Toronto Dog Walking and Long Branch Dog Walking service areas as well.

Striving to be the best dog walking company in the South Etobicoke neighbourhoods referenced above means that first and foremost, beyond the safe care of the dogs,  each of the dog walks are a special time for your pet to get out, to stay active and have fun socializing with other dogs. This way when they return home they are tuckered out from the adventure.

OMG Business continuation

Mimico Dog Walking started off as an OMG (One Man Gang) business in 2014, operating then as www.DogWalkerDan.com in response to realizing the industry was an ideal fit for me (Dan) since I'm extremely fit, very physically active and love dogs.  As the business grows we continue to provide OMG levels of service. 

I rescued my two Miniature Pinschers, Max and Marley, several times - including from the cages they lived in 24/7 as well as from their apathetic (dog lovers would likely just say pathetic) wealthy dog owner who abandoned them once the novelty of having young puppies wore off.  My dedication and commitment to their ongoing care has been one that has greatly enriched my life.  I have literally saved Marley's life several times, initially when I rushed her to the vet after first getting her and realizing there was something wrong with her.  Testing determined that she had severe pneumonia and wouldn't have survived the night.  This explained why she gurgled when trying to breathe - her lungs were literally full of water.  Max and Marley are often included in the groug dog walks.

I have a degree in Physical Education (aka Kinesiology) and a background as a successful high level long distance runner for many years prior to establishing the dog walking company. I ran as much as 120 Km / week and routinely ran 4:48 / mile in training.  I performed well in many races as a runner, including winning back-to-back silver medals at the National Masters' Championships, a top-ten finish at North America's oldest Road Race (the Around The Bay 30K), as well as winning many races at distances ranging from the 5K to half marathons. I even finished top five in my first full marathon, with a time in the 2:30s.

I now use the same drive, dedication, energy, focus, fitness level and commitment to excellence from my running days in conjunction with my passion for dogs. I will continue to push the pace with your pooch, striving to be the dog walking industry leader:

Your dog doesn't smoke; neither do we!

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